Broadcast Technology and Measurement Group

„There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery.“
Enrico Fermi


In the BTM Group are joined people working in both laboratories - Laboratory of RF measurements and Laboratory of Radio Transmitters and Receivers. Laboratories are equipped for measurements on both analog and digital radio-communication systems. Equipment covers a wide range of common radio frequencies.


Ing. Štěpán Matějka, Ph.D. (
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Ing. Karel Ulovec, Ph.D. (
Karel Ulovec was born in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1977. He received Ing. (M.Sc.) and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, in 2001 and 2008 respectively. At the present, he is an assistant professor at the same faculty. His research interests include broadcasting systems, measurements of radio transmitter and receivers and radio signal processing.

Our abilities and facilities

Laboratory of RF measurements

laboratory_of_radio_and_high-frequency_measurements.jpg Link to laboratory pages (CZ)


  • Basic RF and microwave measurements (signals, RF building blocks, etc.).
  • Special RF measurements (noise figure, phase noise, etc.).
  • Digital communication measurements (time/frequency/modulation domains).


  • We lecture/teach several subjects offered by the Department of Radio Engineering in the fields of basic RF measurements, transmitter/receiver measurements, digital communications etc.
Laboratory of Radio Transmitters and Receivers

A few photos from the laboratory (PDF file) laboratory_of_radio_transmitters_and_receivers.jpg


  • DVB-T exciters: carrier frequency, bandwidth, spectral mask, shoulder attenuation, BER, IQ analysis.
  • DVB-T receivers: sensitivity (minimum power level, minimum C/N), selectivity, echoes influence.
  • Analog receivers: sensitivity, selectivity, THD, stereo channels separation.
  • Analog exciters: power, spectral mask, ACPR.


  • We teach practices of several subjects offered by the Department of Radio Engineering in the fields of radio communication, audio and video broadcasting, transmitters and receivers measurement and mobile communication.


ROHDE & SCHWARZ závod Vimperk, s.r.o.

obraz0582_s.jpg The Vimperk plant is the only production facility in the ROHDE & SCHWARZ group of companies that is outside of Germany. Its production line comprises the production of mechanical and electronic modules, from single parts to complete systems. The Vimperk offers interships for students, plant organizes lectures for our student and academic stuff. Our students (BSc., MSc.) have opportunity to cooperate in the field of testing technology. See recent topics here or here (only CTU FEE students)

ROHDE & SCHWARZ - Praha, s.r.o.

dvbt_measurement.jpg ROHDE & SCHWARZ - Praha helps prepare some measurement tasks for our students. ROHDE & SCHWARZ - Praha organizes lectures for academic stuff. Our students (MSc.) can utilize cooperation during work on their projects - example here “Vyšín., M.: Automatic Measurement of Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting [Diploma thesis]. CTU in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prague, 2010.”.

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. helps prepare some measurement tasks for our students. Our students (MSc.) can utilize cooperation during work on their projects - for instance “Tripes., M.: Cognitive Radio Use for LTE Networks in TV Frequency Bands [Diploma thesis]. CTU in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prague, 2010.”.

Last Events

  • 28/04/2011 — Rohde & Schwarz Vimperk lectures, 9:00, room T2:C3-436 “About Rohde & Schwarz Vimperk; The role of production engineer; Interactive Presentation of Developed Instrument; Discussion”.

Selected publications

  • Ulovec, K. - Vyšín, M.: DVB-T and DVB-H Measuring Software for PC Connected with Spectral Analyzer. In Proceedings of 20th International Conference Radioelektronika 2010. Brno: FEKT VUT v Brně, 2010, p. 39-42. ISBN 978-1-4244-6319-0.
  • Ulovec, K. - Mikuláštík, K.: Coexistence of Digital and Analog Audio Broadcasting in VHF-FM Band - Measurement. In Proceedings of 19th International Conference Radioelektronika 2009. Bratislava: FEI, Slovak University of Technology, 2009, p. 267-270. ISBN 978-80-214-3865-1.
  • Ulovec, K.: Recognition of OFDM Modulation Method. Radioengineering. 2008, vol. 17, no. 1, p. 50-55. ISSN 1210-2512.
  • Ulovec, K. - Mikuláštík, K.: Measurements on DRM Receiver. In Proceedings of 17th International Conference Radioelektronika 2007. Brno: FEKT VUT v Brně, 2007, p. 435-439. ISBN 1-4244-0821-0.
  • Ulovec, K.: Measurement on DRM Transmitter. In Radioelektronika 2006 - Conference Proceedings. Bratislava: Slovak University of Technology, 2006, p. 129-132. ISBN 80-227-2388-6.
  • Mikuláštík, K. - Ulovec, K.: Co-channel Interference in Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial System. In Proceedings of Measurement 2005 5th International Conference on Measurement. Bratislava: Institute of Measurement Science of the SAS, 2005, vol. 1/1, p. 404-407. ISBN 80-967402-8-8.


Department of Radio Engineering
CTU in Prague, FEE
Technická 2, 166 27 Praha 6
Czech Republic

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