Fundamental Radio Frequency Measurement - XE37MST


Bachelor degree course for academic year 2010/2011
Lectures: 2 hours/week for one-half of semester or 1 hour/week for whole semester
Labs: 2 hours/session, appx. 10 sessions/semester


Characteristics of HF measurement systems, parts of HF measurement systems. Interfering signals in measurement systems, basic EMC measurements. Methods of HF voltage, power, and other circuit quantities measurement. Measuring of HF parameters of passive and active elements. Sources of measuring and reference signals. Measuring of frequency and time intervals. Time domain and spectral domain signal analyzers. Scalar & vector network analyzers. Standardization and automation of measurement systems.

Recent Events


The exam topics here ( B, 0x).

  • Term: 21st June, 13:00 - 14:00, lab. 438.
  • Term: 23rd June, 13:00 - 14:00, lab. 438.
  • 3rd preterm: 18th May, 10:00, lab. 438.
  • 2nd preterm: 16th May, 13:00, lab. 438.
  • 1st preterm: 9th May, 13:00, lab. 438.
  • Labs: 6th May, 9:15, lab. 438.
  • Consultation: 5th May, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • 10th lecture: 28st April, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • 9th lecture: 21st April, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • 8th lecture: 14th April, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • 7th lecture: 7th April, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • 6th lecture: 31st March, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • Fifth lecture: 24th March, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • Fourth lecture: 17th March, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • :!: The last chance to pass safety course (obligatory for XE37MST) is on Wednesday 16th March at 9:15 a.m. in room No. 51, lecturer Ing. Machac. It is not possible to complete XE37MST successfully without accomplished safety course.
  • Third lecture: 10th March, 11:05, lab. 438.
  • Second lecture: 3rd March, 11:00, lab. 438.
  • First session: 24th February, 11:00, lab. 438.

Registered Students

  • Ettoze Bonavocta
  • Maurizio Mingione
  • Vladislav Dokuchaev
  • Abbe Ahmed
  • Agalliu Rajdi
  • Alsaid Hussein
  • Kahriman Miran
  • Kampoyris Dionysios
  • Paraskeva Nearchos
  • Soumah Mohamed

From 17th March 2011.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes in pdf ( B, 0x) (new version 2.3) now available.
VNA Slides ( B, 0x)
Scattering parameters here.
Vector Network Analyzers 1287-1.
Vector Network Analyzers 1287-2.
Vector Network Analyzers 1287-3.


This section contains the titles and brief description of laboratory sessions at the Department of Radio Engineering (K13137). Instructions are not available in English, the personal assistance during the measurements is provided.

1. Measurement of coil with ferrite core

In this experiment you will measure the basic parameters of ferrite-core inductors – inductance, series resistance or quality factor, self capacitance,…


Read Lab Assignment and pay close attention to par. 5.1 Principle of operation, 9.1 Method of direct Q and voltage measurements, 9.2 Method of Q measurement by detuning the measuring circuit, 9.4 Methods of measuring the inherent capacitances of coil (subpar. 9.4.1 only), and 9.5 Method of inductance measurements.

2. Experiment with slotted line

With the slotted line, the standing-wave pattern of the electric field in coaxial transmission line of known characteristic impedance can be determined. From the knowledge of the standing-wave pattern different parameters of the circuit connected to the load end of the slotted line can be obtained. You will measure impedance of unknown circuits, nominal velocity of propagation for coaxial cable, and Yagi-Uda antenna impedance by way of slotted line.


Read Lab Assignment and Slotted line measurement. Pay attention to basic transmission line theory (par 2) and especially to par. Calculation of Impendance at the Load from the VSWR and Position of a Voltage Minimum using Smith chart - Figure 7.

3. Measurement of crystal unit

This lab is focused on the measurement of a quartz crystal unit equivalent circuit, i.e. static (shunt) capacitance of holder, motional capacitance, motional inductance, and motional resistance. Moreover, the quality factor and series and anti-resonant frequencies are measured.


Go through comprehensive Vig's tutorial. Find info about crystal unit (Chapter 3). Another material .

4. RC oscillator

First of all, you design audio frequency oscillator with operational amplifier and resistor-capacitor network feedback (Wien bridge oscillator). Afterward, you measure Wien bridge amplitude response and oscillator output signnal amplitude, distortion and frequency stability according to power supply voltage.


5. Spectrum analyzer basics

Introduction to heterodyne (swept) spectrum analyzers and their parameters and application.

6. Crystal oscillators

It is similar to Lab 4 (RC oscillator), but you design oscillators based on logic gates (TTL, LS-TTL, CMOS), where the frequency of oscillators is stabilized by crystal unit. Again, you measure stability of oscillator frequency in dependency on power supply voltage and tuning capacity.

7. ARC filters

The lab starts with the assignment to design low-pass antialiasing filter preceding n-bit analog-to-digital converter with sampling rate 10 kHz. You design active resistor-capacitor filter of the fourth order with operational amplifiers and measure amplitude response of filter.

8. Measurement of scattering parameters

The measurement of scattering parameters is one of the crucial measurement in the high-frequency and microwave frequency field. The main goal of this lab is to measure scattering parameters of high-frequency transistor in common emitter configuration and calculate some important parameters, e.g. maximum stable gain, available gain, stability factor,…

9. Measurement of passive network components

The measurement of impedance or its reciprocal, admittance, is as important as any other electrical measurement. In this experiment you will measure impedance of several passive components (resistors, capacitors, and inductors), and you will determine the simple equivalent circuit for each component. The second part of this lab is measurement of basic parameters of coaxial cable (impedance,…).

10. Oscilloscopes basics

Introduction to digital oscilloscopes and their application.

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