Here is a list of my projects. You can download any of these projects from my web pages to your computer for personal use only. The projects may be redistributed freely for educational purposes only on condition that they are not modified and the copyright and license notices are not removed. No part of presented projects may be reproduced, transcribed or used in any form or any means for commercial use without the prior written permission of the author. Note that the projects are provided “as is” with no warranties of any kind. The author will not be liable for injuries or damages to persons or property resulting from any cause whatsoever.

Please send me any recommendations and/or suggestions about the projects to mates. The useful remarks are welcomed…

mates 2007/11/25 18:04

Matlab & Instruments

The Matlab Wrapper for GPIB/LAN Remote Instrument Control

NI GPIB-USBProject page here. Will be published later…

AM3 File Composer/Decomposer for Rohde&Schwarz AM300 Arbitrary Generator

AM300Have you got the AM300 arbitrary generator from Rohde&Schwarz? And don't you like the need for too many softwares to create/assembly/download arbitrary signal to it? That is precisely why I wrote these Matlab scripts for .AM3 files composing/decomposing. Project page here.

AES - AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256 encryption/decryption functions

AESLast revision 1.1.0. Download here (12.2 KiB, 0x).

MPORT - direct I/O CPU port access under Windows OS within Matlab

This is a MEX-file for MATLAB enabling to perform input and output CPU instructions (input/output port access) within Matlab running on Windows OS. Thanks to this you can access for example parallel (LPT) port and control your hardware. Project page here.

READSATF - reads Rohde&Schwarz spectrum analyzer trace file

New revision 1.10 (Agilent update). Download here (59.67 KiB, 0x).
Old revision 1.02. Download here (17.02 KiB, 0x).

XILINXBRAM - block RAM initialization for Xilinx FPGA

Generates VHDL/Verilog code for Xilinx FPGA (Spartan, Virtex) 18k block RAM initialization.
Actual revision 1.10. Download here (17.82 KiB, 0x).

High Frequency Toolbox

The High Frequency Toolbox (HF Toolbox - HFT) is a set of Matlab functions and graphical interfaces for radio-frequency and microwave-frequency analyzing, modeling, and vizualization.

Will be published later…

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